Why hiking is a great (and healthy) outdoor activity

The benefits of hiking -- Jim Feldkamp

Hiking may entail simply strolling along the neighborhood walkways and visiting parks or taking a long walk in the countryside, by the beach, or through the mountains. It’s essentially walking for recreational and exercise purposes, but it can prove crucial as well in maintaining one’s holistic health. Jim Feldkamp.

People often think of hiking as a way to commune more with nature, an escape of sorts to the great outdoors. But it’s also a great way to work out even as one forgets the many hassles of everyday city life. People need not be super-conscious of the many health benefits of hiking as it is fun and relaxing by default. Nonetheless, it helps to know that this outdoor activity is great for adults hoping to improve both their physical and mental health. Jim Feldkamp.

When one hikes regularly, cardio-respiratory fitness is fostered. The hearts and lungs become stronger and the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease is lowered. Hik…

The best cameras for the aspiring nature photographer

Nature Photography Cameras Jim Feldkamp Any nature photographer should look for high-resolution cameras that offer more megapixels and feature good dynamic range. This is because you need to capture both the fine details of landscapes and cope with high-contrast scenes like those during a sunset or dawn.

Most beginning nature photographers should therefore stick to either digital SLRs and the now more popular mirrorless cameras. Sure, cellphone technology has vastly improved the cameras of our phones, but the serious nature photographer shouldn’t settle. After all, you’d need a variety of filters, interchangeable lenses, and accessories to truly capture those glorious outdoor sceneries. Hereunder is a shortlist of cameras to go for.

Nikon D850 This full-frame camera’s huge 45.7 MP resolution is almost unbeatable. It likewise comes with a slew of features such as a tilting touchscreen monitor, 4K Ultra HD video recording, and a focus shift and focus peaking shooting modes. It’…

Travel light: Packing tips for a hiking trip

Only bring the essentials -- Jim Feldkamp

Hiking enthusiasts can attest that when exploring new trails, injuries can happen. And one of the reasons for injuries is how heavy the belongings hikers carry during their trip.

Many hikers tend to overpack and end up with a sore back. When going for a hike, it is important to travel light to avoid any injuries or other problems along the way. Below are some tips that can cost hikers less pain and weight on their next hiking trip.

1. Think lightweight -- Jim Feldkamp

When it comes to backpack, tent, jacket, clothes, and even toiletries, going lightweight is the key. These days, many brands offer lighter alternatives to the usually bulky equipment hikers bring. But before buying anything that's marketed as "lightweight" or "ultralight," be sure to check the material. Check the quality of fabrics and metals to ensure that the stuff won't break easily. An unstable tent is the last thing a hiker needs to be …

Travel light: Packing tips for your next hiking trip

Welcome to my blog, fellow hiking enthusiast! My name is Jim Feldkamp. In my years of exploring new trails, I've gone through many injuries and challenges. To be honest, I usually end up enduring the trip with a sore back because aside from my personal belongings, I also bring my photography equipment. But I've learned my lesson. These days I only bring the necessities. If you tend to overpack, let me share with you some tips that will cost you less pain and weight on your next hiking trip.

1. Go lightweight When it comes to your backpack, tent, jacket, clothes, and even toiletries, I suggest going lightweight with your choices. These days, many brands offer lighter alternatives to the usually bulky equipment we bring when we hike. But before buying anything that's marketed as "lightweight" or "ultralight", be sure to check the material. Check the quality of fabrics and metals to ensure that your stuff won't break easily. The last thing …

Lesser-known yet adventure-filled national parks that are waiting for you

I’m Jim Feldkamp and I love nature photography and going on adventures in the great outdoors. I feel like there’s no better backdrop for an adventure than our very own national parks.

The U.S. is filled with countless national parks of all shapes and sizes, with some being more famous than others. It’s a shame though, when you think of all the beautiful parks that deserve as much attention as the big-name ones, but unfortunately don’t get as many visitors.

On that note, here’s part one of “Jim Feldkamp’s Lesser-Known Yet Adventure-Filled National Parks.”

Gates of the Arctic

Probably because it’s more difficult to get to than the other national parks, the Gates of the Arctic, found in Alaska had only a little more than 11,000 visitors in 2017. This national park and preserve has everything adventurers might look for in a park and its mystique only adds to its appeal.

Kobuk Valley

Kobuk Valley had even less visitors than Gates of the Arctic. There are over a hundred miles of sand…

Yellowstone Park: As precious as it ever was

I’m Jim Feldkamp, nature lover and photographer. I’ve often been asked which is my favorite place to visit. Oftentimes, the name of Yellowstone Park comes up. While I don’t get to visit Yellowstone as often as I’d want to (maybe once every two years), I make the most of my time in the park.

I was fortunate enough to go to Yellowstone in 2018. There were a number of hikers and photographers like myself who were all enthralled by the majesty the park presents at every turn. Being the first national park in existence, Yellowstone is still as precious as it ever was.

Last year, newcomers to the park were mesmerized by the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United States. Often described as a rainbow on the ground, Grand Prismatic Spring has always been a favorite of photographers old and new because of all the natural colors that envelop it from the bacterial mats.

Of course, there’s Old Faithful, which is one of the most popular geysers known to man. Not only …

Beach baby: Ocean photography tips you shouldn’t miss

Beaches offer boundless opportunities for photographers – hobbyists and professionals alike – to explore the beauty, colors, and light of nature. Coupled with people, other nature elements such as sand and mountains, and sometimes even an urban backdrop, beaches can produce the best photos ever, says photographer Jim Feldkamp.

Beaches can also pose a number of challenges, from the potential damage of water to the camera to unforeseen circumstances in huge, open spaces.  Here are some ocean photography tips to consider when shooting in this location.

Play with colors: Colors have an important role in the mood of a given scene, and as a photographer you can play with colors to achieve your desired mood for the photo. Attain feelings of joys and optimism through warm hues or get a feeling of calm and even sadness with cold shades.

Have a sense of timing: When shooting at the beach, the start and end of every day are the most ideal time. At these times there are thinner crowds, the s…